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The Bakewell Bake Off

Book your tickets NOW! The Box Office for The Bakewell Bake Off, coming to the Hampton Hill Theatre, is now OPEN!
Take seven eager contestants, three feuding judges and one bewildered hostess, add flour eggs and sugar and mix together in a small village. Add the pressure of a baking competition and you’ve got a recipe for a hilarious musical comedy!

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Old Time Music Hall

Have you ever seen a Music Hall performance? Do you know what a Music Hall is? Music Hall is: SAUCY FUNNY BEAUTIFUL LUDICROUS It is the forerunner to revue and variety but with a tighter structure – and, without it, our modern musical theatre, arguably, might not exist. Taking a lead from famous Music Hall performers like Marie Lloyd and Arthur Askey and with direction from John Harris-Rees, HMOS, the company that brought you the award winning musical ‘Sister Act’ returns with an hilarious, knee-slapping and raucous ‘Old Time Music Hall’ Featuring well-known songs like Why am I always...

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